Trauma Recovery Coaching Certification Program

Are you a survivor of childhood abuse who would like to use all that you've learned in your recovery to help other survivors?

Do you have a natural ability to connect with those who are hurting and help them find peace and happiness?

Would you like to make a difference in the world and change people's lives?

Survivors need you

Trauma Recovery Coaching might be the career for you! Trauma informed care is much needed in every part of the globe. Millions of people around the world are subjected to childhood abuse and neglect every year. In the United States alone 700,000 children are abused and neglected every year.

There are shockingly few resources to help those children when they become adults, suffering from mental health issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as problems with relationships, jobs, handling emotions, developing identity and self-worth. These survivors need and deserve help that is Trauma Informed.

Trauma Recovery Coaching serves a desperately under-served community. As I have worked in the mental health arena for the last 27 years I have encountered thousands of adult survivors needing and wanting affordable, high quality, affordable help recovering from their childhood abuse and neglect. Trauma Recovery Coaching can meet this need, if provided competently and ethically.

I am excited to offer, for the first time in the world, a Trauma Recovery Coaching Certification program. Successfully completing the program and gaining your certification will give you the skills you need to provide care to the international community of survivors.

I was so excited when I learned about the Initial Certification course for Trauma Recovery Coaching. For years, I yearned for a way to help others with their trauma and when this course opened up, I jumped at the chance to get involved. I expected to learn a lot but what I didn’t expect was a life changing experience. For many years, I’ve struggled with my own trauma and processing the aftermath of its effects, but in this course, I not only felt empowered to work through my own trauma but to help others work through theirs as well. Bobbi and her team did SUCH an amazing job at not only teaching the content but setting a solid foundation in the business aspects should we decide to go on to start our own coaching business. The course was so thorough and encouraging that I changed my initial plans to “just learn” to actually start a coaching business so that I can help others heal from their trauma. Thank you Bobbi and the rest of the IAOTRC team for providing an amazing experience. I can’t wait to make you proud and serve others the way you’ve encouraged us to do.
— Jade Eby

The certification process

The next online course begins Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 and will end on January 29th, 2020

Classes will be held, in my online classroom, on Wednesdays. To accommodate different schedules and time zones it will be offered at both 1pm EST and 7:30pm EST. The two classes will cover the same content. You can choose each week which class time works for you. Classes will be recorded so if you cannot attend you can watch the replay afterward. All learning takes place online — we will meet every week for 90 minutes in a Zoom based classroom learning environment.

Beginning the week of September 16th we will hold two Practice Groups on Mondays at 1pm EST and 9pm EST. These groups are like the lab portion of the class — we learn the material during Wednesday’s class and then practice and apply it in Monday Practice Groups. These groups will allow you to, initially, observe Trauma Recovery Coaching and, after five or six weeks, practice coaching with myself and other students. There will be approximately 40 hours of Practice Groups for you to attend. You do not need to attend each one. However, we require that you attend at least 10 Practice Groups.

Aside from the weekly class and Practice Groups you will need to spend approximately three to four hours watching videos I have made, reading required books and documents, listening to audio files and completing homework. There will be some assignments along the way, geared at both helping you to understand yourself and to sharpen your skills as a coach.

In December and January you will begin your 7.5 hours of Practicum work. You will be paired with two other students to form a Practicum Triad. During the first five sessions of your Practicum the three of you will take turns fulfilling the role of coach, client and observer. You will rotate through these roles in each 75 minute long Zoom session so that each of you gets a chance to play each role four times. Your Coach Mentor will be present at your first Practicum session to help acclimate you to the process. For your final Practicum sessions you will meet with me and a volunteer who will serve as the client. For a bit over one hour I will observe your coaching and provide you with feedback. To complete this fifth session you will be provided with my schedule so that you can sign up for a one hour slot. 

On January 29th we will have one final class to answer any questions and wrap up details. At this point classes and supervised coaching will be finished. However, you will need to successfully complete a Portfolio project and pass a written exam, with score of 80% or more, to obtain your certificate. The test is offered 13 times a year in a virtually proctored environment. You will receive Study Guides and have access to Study Groups to prepare you for the examination.

The Portfolio consists of a video taped coaching session you have provided to a client along with case studies and completed forms and worksheets. When I have received this project and reviewed it, to verify that your skills are commensurate with the protocols and methods taught during the course, you will receive a Satisfactory rating. If you have not met the standards set for the Portfolio I will provide you with written feedback as to what needs to be done to bring it up to standards.

To assist you in the learning process you will be assigned to a small group of students led by a Coach Mentor -- students who have already earned their certification and are highly competent in their coaching abilities. These mentors will be available to answer your questions, discuss homework and provide you with both guidance and encouragement throughout the program. Also, your small group will have it's own Facebook group to be able to gather and share information, support and build community with one another. I am committed to providing you with as much one to one and small group time as possible to support you in this learning journey.


"It is been a deeply rich experience"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the coaching class under Bobbi Parish Coaching. The class has allowed me to do it at my pace, and I've had a huge amount of support from those who help her run the program... It is been a deeply rich experience , and not only have I learned a new practice, it also help me personally along my journey." - Nancy Ferrell


What you will learn

The class is broken down into five parts:

Part I — Defining trauma and Trauma Recovery Coaching

Part II — How does trauma effect children and adults

Part III — Learning Trauma Recovery Coaching sills

Part IV — Coaching as a Business skills - how to set up and run a coaching business

Part V — Practicum Experience

Specific skills you will learn:



Why Become a Trauma Recovery Coach

Serving survivors of childhood abuse is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose if you desire to help others. There are so many adults who need help recovering from their dysfunctional upbringing that the need for coaches is virtually endless. You will have the opportunity to immediately impact other's lives for the better. 

Coaching is also very versatile. You can coach out of your own home using Skype or other video conferencing methods or you can meet clients face-to-face. You can coach with groups or clients or just one at a time. Coaching can be your part time career or your full time career. You set your own schedule and determine your own fees.


The course was life-changing for me

"Bobbi Parish has created this space, and opened the door for the growth and healing of our world through this curriculum. If you like things just the way they are - this is not for you. If you long to see the world disrupted with the beauty and power of trauma-informed teaching, you have found your tribe." - Kevin Wissmiller


what can I earn as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach

I cannot guarantee you an income of a specific amount. However, I will teach you how to price your fees and structure your appointments to maximize your income. Most Trauma Recovery Coaches charge between $25 and $75 an hour. However, there are multiple other ways to earn income other than doing one-to-one coaching:

  • Teaching trauma related courses both for survivors and helping professionals, on or off line

  • Holding webinars for survivors, families of survivors, and helping professionals

  • Consulting with organizations, employers and even churches who want to provide trauma informed services

  • Group coaching, online or in person

  • Retreats for trauma survivors

  • Writing books

  • Speaking about trauma and abuse

All of these methods can be combined to earn a very livable wage as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach.

Trauma Recovery Coaches leave a legacy of healed lives and and hopeful futures


Why Work with me to become certified

I am an internationally recognized expert in Trauma Recovery. I've worked with 1000's of survivors of childhood abuse, dysfunction and neglect around the world. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. I graduated number one in my class from my graduate school program.

I founded Trauma Recovery University in 2014. Since then, I have produced more than 175 hours of video content and over 125 pages of content currently being utilized by both survivors and helping professionals. 

Since I switched from being a therapist to becoming a coach I have pioneered the field of Trauma Recovery Coaching. No other individual or organization has written coaching protocols and ethical standards for the field. I am the first to put those together into a Trauma Recovery Coaching Certification Program. To support and organize Trauma Recovery Coaches who obtain certification I've launched the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching. This program will provide not only initial certification but advanced and mastery level courses, both in person and online. It will also uphold and promote the highest quality and ethical standards within the field of Trauma Recovery Coaching.


Content and Technology

All of the coursework will be offered online. Once a week, on Wednesdays at a time mutually agreeable to all students, we will meet in an online classroom environment. Other required content will be available in PDF format, via audio files and via recorded videos.

Aside from the content I have written and will provide, there are four books that are required reading during the course: Complex PTSD by Pete Walker, The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, Healing Developmental Trauma: How Early Trauma Affects Self-Regulation, Self-Image, and the Capacity for Relationship by Heller and LaPierre and Trauma Stewardship by Laura Van Der Noot Lipsky and Connie Burk.

To participate in the course you will need to have and be able to utilize Zoom. You may need to sign up for a basic account so that you can record yourself providing coaching. We will talk more about technology in our first session.

The initial certification course was incredible on so many levels! Personally, everything that helps me to understand my cPTSD and triggers is so valuable. They cover everything from self-care to neuroscience. Beyond helpful! Professionally, learning how to coach others who suffer from the same things, is in a word, amazing. This helps to assimilate what I have struggled with for so long, into helping others. There may not be a reason we went through what we did, but these courses help to give us purpose. Bobbi is an amazing teacher, she is very grounded and empathetic. I couldn’t have asked for better schooling or a better professor!
— Jennifer Kindera

Certifying with me includes other perks and bonuses.

  • A feature on The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching website promoting you and your coaching services.

  • Referrals from me. I am no longer providing private coaching sessions to Trauma Survivors. But I still receive a lot of queries for this service.

  • Eligibility to take Advanced Level courses which will earn you Advanced Certification.

  • After receiving your Advanced Level Certificate you will be eligible to earn your Supervisor Level Certificate, which will allow you to teach Initial and Advanced Coaching Certification courses and to Supervise Initial Certification Coaches.

  • Read about the Path from Initial to Supervisor Certification.


What is the investment?

The Online Course:

For the 23 week course; offering 65+ hours of live instruction and supervised practice as well a Practicum, a Coaching Mentor, video lessons and templates you can use in your Coaching Practice, the tuition is $1850.

Is $1850 outside of your budget right now? I understand. I am offering a payment plan of 7 payments of $265. The initial payment is due at the time you register. The remaining six payments will be due the first of each month September, October, November, December, January and February.

We are enrolling NOW for the February 2020 Initial Certification course!

Class will start Wednesday February 26th, 2020 and conclude on Wednesday July 29th, 2020.

Do you have questions? If so, please read through our FAQ page and/or attend one of our Virtual Open Houses listed on the front page of my website.

All payments -- either the full $1900 or the first payment in the payment plan -- must be made upon registration. Additionally, this course is limited to 40 individuals on a first come, first served basis. Payment secures your spot. No spots will be held without payment.

Please note: if you choose the payment plan and do not pay within five days of your due date each month you will be removed from the Certification program. No payments will be refunded, however you will be allowed to join a future Certification Program at a discount equal to the payments you have already made.

If you pay in full a 50% refund will be offered up until 30 days before the course begins. No refund will be offered if you withdraw from the course within 30 days of it starting. However, you may apply any non-refundable fees to another certification course in the future.

Be sure to read our Disclosures and Terms & Conditions before you register!

Register by paying your fee AND completing the registration form. Registration constitutes permission for us to use your email address to communicate with you about the course. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Pay in full $1900:

Pay with 7 payments of $275 (tuition plus a $25 payment plan processing fee), the first payment made today, and the remaining payments will begin on March 1st and be due every thirty days until all seven payments are made.