Q. Do I have to have a degree or any experience in coaching to take the courses?

No experience or education is necessary to take the Initial Certification Course. Most of our students come into the course without any experience or qualifications. The course is designed to teach foundational level Trauma Recovery Coaching skills from the ground up.

However, you do have to have completed the Initial Certification Course to take the Advanced Certification Course. And to apply for the Supervisor Certification you must have completed your Advanced Certification Course.

You may begin taking any of our Continuing Education Courses as soon as you enroll in any of our Certification Courses: Initial, Advanced or Supervisory

Q. Is your program accredited?

Accreditation is voluntary in the United States, not required. You can coach anywhere in the world with our Certification that allows coaching. We know of no country that does not allow it.

However, we are working on obtaining accreditation from several international organizations in order to assure our students that they are receiving a quality education that meets international Coaching Standards.

Q. Are your classes online or in person?

All of our Initial Certification Courses are held online in our private virtual classrooms.

Our Advanced Certification Course is held in both an online and in person format. The online version starts the end of February each year. The in person course is taught in a five day intensive during October of each year.

The Supervisor Training is only offered in person. It is a week long training every Fall in November.

Our Advanced Topic and Coaching as a Business Continuing Education Courses are all online.

Q. When are your classes offered?

Our Initial Certification Courses are held twice a year. The first one starts the last Wednesday of February and wraps up the last Wednesday in July. The second one starts the final Wednesday in August and concludes the last Wednesday of January.

Our Advanced Courses are offered online starting the last Thursday in February and conclude the last Thursday in July. Our in person 5 Day Intensive Advanced Class is held in October each year.

Our Supervisor Training is one week in November of each year.

Our Advanced Topic and Coaching as a Business Continuing Education Courses are offered throughout the calendar year.

Q. What are the costs associated with the courses?

Tuition for the Initial Certification course is $1850. There are four required texts. The cost for purchasing them in paperback form is approximately $73 (depending on Amazon’s prices each day).

Tuition for the online Advanced Certification Course is $1850. Tuition for the 5-Day Intensive Advanced Certification Course is $2250 (additional cost is to cover facility rental and food). There are three required texts. The cost for purchasing them in paperback or hardback form is approximately $70.

Supervisor Training is approximately $2500. The additional cost is to cover a more expensive facility fee because this training is 7 days. There are no textbooks for the Supervisor Training.

All classes are taught in our private Zoom rooms. There is no cost for you to join our classroom. However, you will be required to record some of your practice coaching sessions. This will require you to obtain your own Zoom account which is currently approximately $13/month. You won’t need it until the end of the class, so will not need to pay that fee for longer than two months.

Q. How much time will I need to devote to this course each week?

The Initial Class will need approximately 7 hours of your time per week to attend classes, read required texts and complete homework.

The online Advanced Class will need approximately 6 hours of your time to attend classes, read required texts and complete homework.

The Supervisor Training and 5-Day Intensive Advanced Class will require that you do some reading and attend several Orientation Sessions before the in person training.

Each course has a portfolio of work that must turn in to demonstrate your competency. The Initial and Advanced Classes each have an examination that needs to be studied for and passed. Time spent on those projects is very individual. We cannot estimate how much time this will take for each student.

Q. Do I have to attend each class? What if I need to miss one?

You do not have to attend every class in person. Each class, except for the in person trainings, is recorded. If you miss a class you can watch the replay. The replay video links are usually up and available within 24 hours of the class.

The only course that has attendance requirements is for the Initial Certification Course Practice Groups. This is the portion of the couse where students will have the opportunity to observe live coaching, and also to practice coaching themselves. You are required to attend 10 Practice Groups over the course of your 24 week Initial Course. There will be approximately 40 Practice Groups held during the class. You may attend any 10 of those to meet the requirement.

Q. How much of an income can you guarantee me as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach?

We cannot guarantee you any amount of income. We will give you the tools to both coach and to set up a coaching practice: creating your website, getting you active on social media, learning how to blog and create videos, defining your ideal client and marketing to them. We also offer a variety of marketing tools through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching: two podcasts, a Blog, a YouTube channel and our annual Trauma & Recovery Summit. The more you avail yourself of those tools the more successful you will be.