After 17 years as a Marriage and Family Therapist I moved into the field of Trauma Recovery Coaching. I love the collaborative nature of coaching. I don't direct my clients or tell them what to do. Instead, I empower my clients with encouragement and education. So many trauma survivors had their power stolen from them by an abuser, an organization or circumstances. My goal is to help them reclaim their power so they can be in full control of their recovery.

Once they begin their recovery journey I offer guidance, assistance sorting through options and information about the recovery process. I honor my clients as experts about themselves, their needs and their path.

I am a trauma survivor myself. I endured decades of abuse both as a child and an adult. Those experiences took me to some very dark places. I struggled with depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some days I felt so much emotional pain I didn't think I would be able to survive. But I did. My experiences have given me a deep understanding of how survivors recover and what they need to rebuild their lives. When I tell you "I get it" you can be assured that I truly do.

-As a Trauma Recovery Coach I offer both group and 1-to-1 coaching. I love group coaching because of the power of engaging with other survivors in a safe, supportive community. Yet, I know some survivors prefer or need individual coaching. I offer both to meet everyone's needs.

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