As of November 1, 2018 I no longer conduct Trauma Recovery Coaching with private clients. As my business has evolved I have been increasingly devoting myself to students learning how to become Certified Trauma Recovery Coaches. Providing education as they learn and supervision as they begin coaching is now the focus of my career.

If you are looking for Trauma Recovery Coaching please review the Directory of Certified Coaches on the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching website. We have an amazing group of coaches!

If you are a coach looking for supervision I provide the following services:

One to One Private Supervision

I offer one to one supervision with coaches at a rate of $125 an hour. Typically, I will work with my coaches once a week for three to six months. I do all of my coaching via Skype or Zoom (a video conferencing software program similar to Skype) and invoice for all services through PayPal.

Currently, I have the following special packages:

One 60 Minute Action Planning Session -- $97

We meet via Skype to talk about where you are in your coaching journey and set an action plan for moving forward. At the end of our session you'll have a set of steps you know you can implement to learn how to better assist trauma survivors.

Three Months of Private Supervision -- $1500

We meet for 12 sessions over three months to determine what you need to know in order to become more successful as a Trauma Recovery Coach and then aggressively tackle those issues so you can improve you skills and the quality of your coaching

Six Months of Private Superivsion -- $2750

We meet for 24 sessions of Supervision over six months. This package offers you more time and greater flexibility of how to use your supervision hours. We can meet in any combination of time that combines to 24 hours. Maybe you want to do an intensive weekend comprised of four hours on a Saturday and four hours on a Sunday. Or perhaps you want to meet for four two hour sessions. Use the time however it best suits you and your schedule. We'll spend the initial time determining where you are in your coaching process and decide which issues to best invest your time. We'll spend the remaining time tackling those issues in order to accelerate your trauma recovery coaching skills.