pay what you can afford

The year 2016 has been a wonderful one for me. I got engaged to the love of my life. I've seen my business, Trauma Recovery University, grow and expand in wonderful ways. And I have had the incredible privilege of working with hundreds of survivors of childhood abuse as they make their way through recovery. In honor of these amazing gifts I'd like to offer a Pay What You Can Afford Special this Thanksgiving for all survivors of childhood abuse.

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Who Am I?

My name is Bobbi Parish. I have been a therapist for 19 years, working almost exclusively with survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. My own childhood was filled with years of sexual abuse at the hands of a family member. I know what damage abuse can cause and I know what it feels like to try to heal that damage. I have also had the experience of not being able to find the professional help I needed due to financial limitations. During my recovery, I was either disabled from work or only able to work sporadically. For a period of time I was homeless. I was in and out of psychiatric wards. I wouldn't have survived without the professionals who helped me find hope and healing.

What is the Special?

Recovery from childhood abuse can be a very long journey and a very expensive one. I was fortunate to have two professionals offer to work with me for less than their standard fee. I want to repay their kindness this Thanksgiving, and celebrate my wonderful 2016, by offering phone or Skype sessions (one session is 50 minutes) to any child abuse survivor who wants to work with me.

I know I am not the only survivor who struggled financial in their recovery. Perhaps you do not had the money you need to receive qualified, experienced professional help. If that's the case and you're interested in working with me I invite you to contact me about Trauma Recovery Coaching sessions. My normal rate, per session, is $125. But for Thanksgiving Week I'm offering sessions for what you can afford to pay.



How to Take Advantage of the Special

If you would like to use this special to schedule Trauma Recovery Coaching sessions with me I invite you to email me at In the email please tell me:

  • How much you can afford to pay per session (I regret that I cannot accept less than $25 per session. That is the amount I need to break even for the hour. Any less and I will lose money for the session.)
  • How many sessions you think you will need at this rate.
  • What days of the week work the best for you to have our appointments.
  • Whether you need daytime or evening appointment times.
  • The email address where I can send PayPal invoices for our sessions.
  • A bit about yourself and what you want to work on in our sessions.

The special runs through Wednesday, November 30, 2016. You must send your email before midnight on that date.


Then What?

I will email you to set up our first session and confirm the price for the sessions. You MUST pay for your sessions before they begin. I will invoice you for one session at a time, several days before our appointments. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal. You can pay for your invoices as a "guest". I will explain more about that to you if you need help. If I receive more requests than I can currently schedule I will place you on a waiting list and let you know how long I think it will take to be able to schedule an appointment with you.