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Announcing my new group coaching program

At last, affordable, high quality, private and easily accessible help is available for all survivors of abuse!

For only $34 a month you can access both my private form and my group coaching sessions, held in a private chat room, as often as you wish.

Currently, there are 4 group sessions being offered each weel:

  • Wednesdays at 11am Pacific Standard Time
  • Thursday at 6pm Pacific Standard Time, starting September 10th
  • Fridays at 6pm Pacific Standard Time
  • Sundays at 1pm Pacific Standard Time

The group coaching sessions are held in a private chat room so you can participate in your pajamas and don't even need to comb your hair! And since it's not Twitter you can be assured that everything you type is confidential and private. No hashtags are needed and there won't be any retweets to clutter up the chat stream. You don't even have to participate, you can just sit and watch other's comments. All of the choices are yours to make.

The coaching sessions are held in the chat room HERE. Once you sign up using the Subscribe button I will be notified. I will then send you the password to the room so you can join us for any or all group coaching sessions.

This Subscribe button will take you to Paypal. It will process an immediate $34 fee and then get your okay to set up a recurring $34 fee every month.

If you have any questions please email me at