• Were you abused as a child?

  • Have you been subjected to domestic violence?

  • Did you serve in a war zone?

  • Have you survived a tragic accident or natural disaster that resulted in multiple injuries and deaths?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are a trauma survivor and I am here to help you!

you feel alone

Ever since you experienced the trauma have you felt like you don't fit in or don't belong anywhere? Do you feel like a misfit? Do you think you will never be able to connect with the world at large again?

You are sad and anxious

Has it been so long since you were last happy and calm that you can't remember how to feel that way anymore? Are you often overwhelmed by your feelings? Do you often feel afraid, sad, panicky, and constantly on edge?

the trauma haunts you

No matter how much you want to, are you unable to move past the trauma? Is it like a weight sitting on your shoulders you have to carry everywhere you go? Do you struggle to keep the memories of it out of your mind?

I can help you with all of these things, and other consequences of your trauma that you may not realize are related to it. With education, support and guidance you can recover and reclaim your life. You can experience freedom from the trauma,

I had the most incredible session today with Bobbi Parish. Bobbi is so well education on the subject of trauma and recovery, among other things as well, and embraced me with support and information...OMG, what a treat for the soul...this is something I could seriously get used to...
— L.L.

Would you like to see if coaching with me would be a good fit in your recovery? I offer a 60 minute free Skype consultation for potential new clients. To book one just click the button below and you'll be taken to my calendar.

Do you already know that you want to schedule some coaching? Great! I have three packages you can choose from:

Three Hour Intensive -- $375

Sometimes you don't want to string your coaching sessions out over the course of several weeks. Maybe you want to do some deep work that requires more than just an hour. Perhaps your recovery only needs a one time jump start to get going in the right direction. For all of those options I offer a three hour intensive coaching session. Once you purchase this package I will contact you to set up your appointment.

Three Months of Coaching -- $1625

This package includes weekly Skype coaching with me as well as unlimited email support from me between sessions.

Six Months Coaching -- $2,925

If you know you will want coaching over a longer term this package provides that with a 10% discount on my normal fees. You will receive weekly Skype coaching with me as well as unlimited email support from me between sessions.