I'm a trauma survivor

I was sexually abused for almost a decade of my childhood. As a result, I felt broken, unworthy, and crushed under an enormous weight of shame. I felt I would never be good enough, deserving of love or valuable unless I was perfect in every way. I tried for years to be perfect, but not only failed but collapsed under the pressure. I ended up with depression so severe I spent many years in and out of psychiatric wards. I survived a suicide attempt in 1994. After that, I found an excellent Trauma Recovery Program and received the appropriate diagnosis of Complex Post Traumatic Disorder. Finally, I had providers who knew about trauma recovery who genuinely cared about me and my recovery.

Unfortunately, I moved away and couldn't find another good trauma recovery program in the city I was living in. For another decade I tried to handle things on my own, and did horribly. I married a man I had no business marrying. I ended up homeless and deeply mired in depression once again. Working with a new psychiatrist with excellent trauma recovery knowledge, I finally reached a place of recovery. Now it's my goal to teach other survivors what I learned to prevent them from having to take decades to recover.


I'm a trauma recovery Coach

I earned my Master's Degree is in Marriage and Family Therapy 21 years ago. I had a private practice when I lived in Portland, Oregon. Three and a half years ago I moved into coaching because I found its collaborative nature to be much more successful in helping trauma survivors. Much of the damage trauma survivors sustain occurs within a relationship (they are abused by parents or battered by a spouse). As a result, much of their deep healing work occurs within the context of a healthy, healing relationship. I work very hard to establish this type of relationship with my clients. I earn their trust. I let them know I genuinely care about them. I empower them to make good decisions in their recovery journey. I guide and advise them, but never tell them what to do or how to do it. I believe every survivor is in charge of their recovery. We may not have had much power when we were in the midst of our trauma. But we do now. My goal is to help my clients grasp that power and use it to their best advantage to move through their recovery and into the space where they are reclaiming a joyful, fulfilling life.

I have the amazing privilege of leading the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC). As it's Executive Director I teach and mentor students as they travel through the Coaching Certification process. We offer three levels of certification as well as continuing education courses. The IAOTRC represents as they work with trauma survivors from every walk of life around the globe.


Other tidbits about me

I'm a partner and mother

I have an amazing partner, Sarah. Together we are raising three teenagers - which means our grocery bills are exorbitant and our homes are filled with an overflow of technological gadgets that all connect to the same internet. Sarah and I travel between Dallas and Bristol, UK. Watching for a wedding announcement this Summer!

Portland, oregon is my heart's hometown

No, I wasn't born there but I lived there for 15 years of my life and fell in love with it. The scenery, the energy and the people are all vibrant and warm. It is my heart's home. Right now I live in Dallas, Texas, brought here by a storm of circumstances.

i'm a videocaster and podcaster

I have over 175 hours of video content, with corresponding written resources, on YouTube through Trauma Recovery Resources. I now spend my time on my own channel, Bobbi Parish Coaching and Consulting, building up a new library of resources for trauma survivors.

i am the Executive Director of the IAOTRC

I have the amazing privilege of leading the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching. Every year I lead 100 students through the Certification process and launch them into the world to help trauma survivors around the globe.

i'm an author

I have two published books: Create Your Personal Sacred Text and Discovering True, An Anthology from The #NoMoreShame Project. I'm a regular contributor at a variety of websites, writing about trauma and trauma recovery.

i'm a fiber artist

I turn glorious animal fibers such as cashmere, sheep's wool, alpaca and silk into felted scarves and meditation/prayer shawls

I love all things sparkly and pretty

i didn't have a lot of pretty things as a child. Nor did I ever feel that I was pretty. Now though, I've reclaimed pretty and added in some sparkly!