Last year I had the incredible opportunity to be part of Svava's inaugural summit for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Now I'm very honored to be back in her second summit, Journey to the Heart. In my interview this time I focused on self-compassion, an element I find critical to every survivor's recovery. Most of us learned a key lie that our abuser wanted us to believe: that we had no value, we deserved no love and that we would never be lovable. That lie undermines virtually every aspect of our recovery. To fully heal we must learn to love ourselves, to give ourselves compassion.

But how do we do that? I have walked so many survivor's through their healing journey and a lot of them stumbled when it came to developing self-compassion. To help them, and hopefully you, I have put together this eGuide for you. I hope it helps you -- makes your journey easier and your recovery swifter. Please sign up by submitting your name and email address in the box below. Don't forget to confirm your subscription to the list -- check your spam folder for that email.