I invite you to Join my Recovery Acceleration Group Program

Have you been working on your recovery on your own, without the support of a close group of women who will stand beside you, support you, love you and encourage you while you process the deepest pains of your childhood abuse?

Have you been working on your recovery for awhile but now feel stuck?

Is your recovery moving slower than you'd like?

If you answer YES to any of these questions I invite you to join my next Recovery Acceleration Group.

In the group we will process the core damage of your childhood abuse -- your shame, your self-blame, feelings of powerlessness and, perhaps hardest of all, low feelings of self-worth. Working on these hard issues within a group setting is very powerful. You will learn that you aren't alone and you will be able to see how others have moved past issues you might still be struggling with.

The next groups start Thursday, August 6th.  One will be at 10am Pacific Time/6pm GMT (for those in the UK). The second will be in the evening at 5:30pm Pacific Time.

Each group will last 90 minutes.

We'll meet once a week for 5 weeks.

The fee is only $147. If you need a payment plan please let me know and we will work one out. I don't want cost to be a barrier to anyone who wants to participate.

I accept no more than six participants at a time in my groups, so everyone gets plenty of time to share and get personal help.

We will meet virtually using Zoom or Skype. So you can chat with the group in your jammie pants or sweats, we won't know! We'll talk, we'll share, we'll laugh and you will walk away stronger and further along in your recovery journey than when you started.

To sign up for the 10am PST group please click this button:

To sign up for the 5:30pm PST group please click this button: