Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to be me. Mostly, I am curious why people are so comfortable idolizing celebrities or those they feel have more than them. I believe it’s perfectly normal to admire someone for their contribution to society; but trying to restyle your life to reflect another’s does nothing but set you up for failure.

Each of us is here to live out a purpose (whether big or small). The people we attract into our life serve as a reflection, for good or not so good. These people are merely tools to motivate us to reach the next level of our journey.  They inspire us to be our best versions of ourselves— not them.

Often, we become so enamored with the glitz and glamour of what we perceive as a ‘better life’ we forget what it takes to get there. We forget to celebrate our victories, because we’re busy looking into someone else’s window. We count money instead of value. We measure ourselves against impossible standards, becoming melancholy when our ambition doesn’t manifest.

As a young person I didn’t fit in very well. I always danced to the beat of my own drum—literally. Being a little brown girl from the inner-city who listened to New

 Kids on The Block, was lame (to them. I love them!). Needless to say, I was teased pretty often. I quickly learned to fit in, which caused me to lose myself.   For years, I hid behind fake hair and fad diets hoping to go unnoticed. I was so f*cking miserable I could hardly look in the mirror. It took twenty years to grow confident enough to show my authentic self.

Trying to mimic another will get you nowhere. Nothing but envy, stress and disappointment comes from trying to live another’s life. These very factors are the culprits that create dis-ease in our bodies. Joy comes from building the life you desire no matter who’s looking. Life is about living through adversity so you can appreciate the happiness that is waiting for you on the other side.

Look within for your purpose. It’s the message that never leaves you. That feeling you get when experience something your senses can’t resist. It’s the dream that has been present since you were a little person. Your purpose is something you don’t have to master, because it is already perfect. It is the very thing that makes you special. Living your purpose is where your happiness lives. You can leave your mark there. It’s YOUR legacy.

Now, go chase your dreams with your cute self!


Christy Lynn Abram (Wholistic Muse) is a Gravity Imprint Author and Speaker. Through her books, workshops and insightful articles, Christy inspires others to find peace after trauma.

Twitter: @Wholisticmuse


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